Sunday, June 8, 2008

What Price Glory Introduction

What Price Glory
Formerly known as Project X

What Price Glory is a collection of Rules Packets for combat. Each collection of rules or packets may be used alone, or with any combination of the other modular pieces of What Price Glory. As a whole, these Rules Packets present a detailed, advanced combat model for D&D encounters. What Price Glory is presented in this segmented, modular format to allow referees to pick and choose from amongst these alternate rules, and to fine tune and alter them to taste.

Using all of the presented sections will add great depth to D&D combat and encounters. While such a treatment of the abstract nature of D&D combat is perhaps not of interest to most referees, What Price Glory might still yield a few house rules worthy of addition to their own campaigns.

What Price Glory Rules Packets:

1. Hit Points
2. Damage
3. Death
4. Combat Sequence
5. Initiative
6. Engagement
7. Roll To Hit
8. Staggering Blows
9. Critical Hits
10. Fumbles
11. Armor
12. Weapons
13. Tactical Modifiers
14. Combat Options
15. Grappling

The collection of packets will be presented here over the next few days in three parts, Packets 1-5, Packets 6-10 and Packets 11-15. They will also be posted to my Solstice rules tiddlywiki in the near future.

Comments and criticisms welcome.

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


Gabriel said...

I'll certainly look into them. Great job. Will it be published by THM in a pdf for easier download?


Sham aka Dave said...

Hi Gabriel

The original link was removed, but you can still access the tiddlywiki that details some of the packets I use in my games now through a tab in the Solstice tiddlywiki. All are posted to the blog, as I'm sure you saw.

If I ever publish these through THM I might alter some things, but for the most part they are meant to be optional pick and choose rules for spicing up melee.

I hope you make use of some.

Thanks for the comment.