Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time Flies

In celebration of the first true anniversary for Sham's Grog & Blog a theme inspired new Monster is in order.

Time Flies(N): AC 2 Move 9 HD 1 Swarm of flies numbering in the hundreds. Cover an area up to 10' x 10' when feeding. Must target victim within swarm, their hits cause no damage but devour time, save vs spell or age rapidly at 3d6 years each round until flies dispatched. Most weapons are useless against them.

These deadly pests are best dispatched with fire, strong wind, smoke or other area of effect methods. Running away is a good idea unless the delvers have a solution at hand. Ever try to hit a fly with a mace? Think Three Stooges *bonk*.

So yeah, time really does fly.

Four years ago, or the last time the calendar told me it was February the 29th, it was Leap Year 2008. Without even realizing it was the day that only rolls around 25 times each century, I started plunking some keys and reminiscing about my early gaming days. The end result was four long rambling posts in a single day and the birth of Sham's Grog & Blog.

Posting activity peaked that year with a resurgence in early 2009. Since that time my contributions have been minimal with the last double digit post month occurring way back in August 2009.

No, this is not a fond farewell. I still lurk behind the scenes and follow numerous OSR related blogs. The blogger dashboard is one of the most common hits on my daily internet list. One of these days I will contribute again to the community. I still have a list of crap I wish to write about, including the still unfinished Cover to Cover series *cry*.

In retrospect, 347 (now 348) posts is a laughably low total over a four year span. With only 34 posts over the past two years, I can probably stop thinking of myself as a blogger. Considering the amount of fluff series posts I foisted on my readers I really haven't had a lot to say.

As usual I continue to do more planning than playing. I just don't plan out loud on my blog as I did for a short period of time. I plan way more than I actually produce, and I produce way more than I actually play. I do get to play D&D occasionally, but it's never often enough to get me back into feverish creation mode. Again, one of these days...