Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Stoked

I must take a moment to direct readers to this blog, maintained by Mythmere as he updates readers on his white-box retro clone project entitled Swords & Wizardry. Take a moment to read this blurb which I am quoting, and understand the message therein. This small quote encompasses so much in regard to why I love OD&D and the conceptual approach it presents:

The first step of the project (the game rules are only a foundation) is to create a product - something that illustrates the broad flexibility of the rules as a platform for re-imagining house rules as (a) fundamental to the game and campaign, (b) able to start from a far deeper point in the rules than normally thought - changing the way clerics cast spells, or adding in your own saving throw system using playing cards instead of dice - this sort of thing. The second thing to illustrate is that the game’s not going to propose ANYTHING as a fixed rule. The core rules are an anchor to allow people to communicate about gaming in the same language, and keep publishers’ material from being utterly incompatible to the point of uselessness. But what’s supposed to emerge from this project is options, clearly expressed as choices for the GM to make if his imagination’s captured by the description of the options.
I am adding this blog to the roll on the right. Awesome stuff, and a project which I must admit is truly exciting! Thanks Mythmere!

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


Patrick W. Rollens said...

What a great concept! I'll keep an eye on S&W for the latest. This makes me want to dust off my d4s and roll for first-level HPs! (Rolled a 2, damn!)

Sham aka Dave said...

Yeah, it's about time we had a White Box OD&D retro-clone.

Thanks for the comment!

(Looks like you have a nice blog there, I'll be perusing the posts more when I have the time, PWR).