Sunday, May 25, 2008

Junk From My Closet: Devil's Throne

This is the first installment of Junk From My Closet. Hat's off to Jeff for the idea. I can waste plenty of time scanning in old garbage and yacking about it, and...that's what I plan to do.

My first offering is an old map I dug up from my never finished Antholerin campaign. I'll probably find more Junk from that setting in the closet, but this is a map I always liked and I never used in actual play. Antholerin was a long running campaign, centered around multiple levels of 'undercities' which led, eventually, to the Deep Down, my version of Arduin's Great Wyrm Road, or the Underdark. The lowest reaches of the Deep Down were drawn out on a hex map, ala D1-3 inspired by Gygax's map, with keyed hexes. Devil's Throne was one of those hexes, in this case the hex directly under Antholerin.

Devil's Throne was probably drawn around 1995 or so, so it's fairly recent as far as most of the Junk From My Closet goes.

Devil's Throne is the legendary Trollhome. Within resides clans of Giant Trolls, Trolls, and Troglodytes, as well as the Great Troll Overlord. Here's a rough outline of the keyed areas.

1: Temple of Vathakk. Region shared by two clans, the Vor Clan (ruled by Gelbar) and the Nes clan (ruled by Irenis).
2: Byrfellag, the Great Citadel. Ruled over by Aragen the Massive, the Great Troll Overlord. To the south, Slave Pits and Royal Mines, and the Rior clan of Giant Trolls.
3: Walled Siv clan home (ruled by H'ree).
4: Temple of Kavring. Region shared by two clans, the Pel clan (ruled by Ridues) to the far north, and the Ain clan (ruled by Eakeh) surrounding the Temple.
5: Temple of Gorog-Nor (The Hungry One), surrounded by the Une clan (ruled by Natue).
6: Walled Pril clan home (ruled by Vorad).
7: Walled Eiun clan home (ruled by Leum).

Devil's Throne has eight Troll clans, totaling over 10,000 Trolls, and one Giant Troll clan of 600.

I can no longer remember, but some of the Temples might be named after Demons from Arduin.

This region occupied hex number 21 on the Deep Down overview. If I find that hex map, I'll scan it along with the other hex notes.

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


trollsmyth said...

Thanks for this! It's been saved into my maps folder for plundering later.

- Brian

Sham aka Dave said...

You're welcome! 10,000 Trolls might be a bit over the top, but since it's not detailed on the map itself, it's fairly wide open for customization.