Monday, April 21, 2008

New Links

An update on a few new links added to my Linkage List.

Clanless Barbarians, an Empire of the Petal Throne campaign blog. This thing is crammed full of high quality campaign reading material.

Need Graph Paper? Just a useful little site for customizing and printing graph paper and hex maps. I use it for the hex maps, as I especially like being able to lighten the hex lines since I fill maps in pencil.

What's Dubcast doing there? My blog subtitle, "A rambling blog about D&D and other stuff". Yeah, this is some of the "other stuff". I'll be limiting most "other stuff" to small bits here and there, and hey, it's my name on the front door here at the Grog 'n Blog.

Linkage is alphabatized now, so if you want your very own awesome OD&D gaming blog at the top of the list, name it accordingly, maybe something like Awesome OD&D Gaming Blog.

~Sham, Delinquent DM

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