Thursday, April 3, 2008

About the Links

It’s high time I added some links to my Blog. I’d first like to link to two D&D related blogs, Jeff’s Gameblog, and a brand new one, Grognardia. I’m probably a bit biased in that both of these guys post at my favorite OD&D board at Original D&D Discussion maintained by Finarvyn, also being added to the links. Grognardia is brand new, but based on the handful of posts so far, it’s clear that James is a talented writer.

Both of these blogs have a nice collection of interesting links, and in the spirit of linking proliferation in the Blogosphere, I have been turned onto some of these and will add a few of them to my very own links list.

Then there’s the site that got me back into D&D to begin with this past January, Dragonsfoot. I don’t visit as often as I used to, having now gone down a much more narrow path in OD&D, but it’s an excellent forum with a huge community of old schoolers.

DF led me to K&K, where I visit the Mega Dungeon sub forum daily. Not as much activity as I’d like to see, but nevertheless one could waste hours upon hours plundering the vaults of information.

Delta’s D&D site has some nice ideas, and even though it’s not much to do about OD&D, The Lair of the Evil DM is just…too cool for words.

And what OD&D blog would be complete without the musing of a one Philotomy, yet another poster over at Original D&D Discussion.

Another link I want to add is the amazingly awesome not oft referenced stuff donated to the interweb by Erroneous Grog. All I can say is ‘Wow‘. Can you say ‘Yoink'? I just did. After saying ‘Wow’ again.


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