Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday

Every Wednesday, I’ll roll on the table below, and then on the indicated Whimsey Table, and share the exact wording found in my very crude often ridiculous 25 year old handwritten notes from the early 80’s.

Random Whimsey Determination Table (2d6)

2-4 Basic Whimsey Chart (d00)
5-7 New Whimsey Chart (d00)
8-10 Nyark Ripplesnap’s Whimsey Channel (d00)
11 Gorfaxio Gondoro’s Whimsey Table #1 (d20)
12 Gorfaxio Gondoro’s Whimsey Table #2 (d20)

Today’s Roll: 6, 19.

"A random limb is switched with the identical limb of a random animal or person."

Have a Whimsical Wednesday!

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


Michael S/Chgowiz said...

Ahahaha!!!! I had to make sure I was clear on the exact definition of limb.

Kevin Mac said...

Shit, I had something like that happen in one of my games around 15 years ago. An MU in that campaign, who had been successful enough to make it to position of royal wizard, read a portion of a book that was cursed to take the place of a demon from hell while he took your spot on earth. As he ditched it before the spell finished, only the demons arm (a big, muscular and red Pit Fiend arm)swithced with his. This little mu fella was running around in games with a big studly red arm with faint scales on it.

And poor demon, until things got reversed a year or so later (with the demon and dude temp swapping and the demon burning down part of the sages guild), he was running around hell with this small, strength 9 wuss arm.

I should have made rolls to see if some other demon or hellhound had torn it off and ate it, but I felt bad enough (though all hilariously funny. Ahhh, D&D...).