Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Important Link

Jenn Zieser, wife of Steve Zieser, sent me an email earlier today. Included in the email was permission to share this information with others, so I'll direct readers to the Team Zieser blog which details the email contents.

Although I have never met Steve Zieser in person, we have both communicated via email and by all accounts he is a quite simply a great guy. Most of you know his artwork. Those who do not will surely recognize some once you look again. There's a collection of some it over at Steve's Curmudgeons & Dragons blog. Let's remind him that we are thinking of him during this trying period.

Hopefully Steve won't mind me borrowing one of his pieces of art for this post. Here's one of my favorite Steve Zieser illustrations.

It's called Well, well well. Steve, you'd better Get Well Soon yourself.


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Mr Baron said...


Thanks for the post. I think it is important for us to recognize those that in our community that are going through trying times, and to offer encouragement

42 is just not that old, and I am a stone throw away myself.