Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Couple Quick Hits

Here are a couple of quick new PDF's I whipped up for The Dismal Depths. No new maps as of yet, I'm still sorting out 2A and making notes.

The first is simply the merged Bestiary for 1-6.

The second is a collection of Trap Tables for further confounding your players. This addition is partially inspired by an excellent example of what one creative dungeon master is doing with death-rays. Thanks, Wayne!

I'll be keeping additions to a minimum as I'd rather have tables like these on the actual map, but there just isn't room.

I should add a perma-link to my PDF sharing page, too. I'll be redoing the lay out here soon, so that readers can see the collected PDF's rather than searching through old posts.

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


Welcome to Dungeon! said...

Keep up the great work. I think I'm going to run Dismal Depths once there are 2 levels available.

Sham aka Dave said...

Thanks, Cole. I'm hoping it won't be too terribly long. 2A isn't far off now, and the other three should follow quickly behind. Please be sure to let me know how it goes if you are able to make use of it.

Kevin Mac said...

A Dingo-Man ate my half-orc rape baby!

Thanks for the trap matrix. Like a lot of folk I'm working on a mega-dungeon right now, and I'm not exactly a trap-genius. This will make it easy to spice up a couple of quiet spots in the halls.

Sham aka Dave said...

I've made some crazy traps in the past, but such things are normally unique and don't fit properly on a table. I think these have just enough zing to keep things interesting. And at the least might serve to inspire more newer, zingier traps.

I think Pits, Gases, Rays and Darts form a strong generic trap foundation. I've never been a fan of the "falling block" traps. I like traps that can be easily reset.

Natalie said...

Somehow I missed this when it popped up in my feed, or I didn't pay much attention to it. I've been looking for a set of trap tables exactly like this for the past couple of days, since starting my own megadungeon. My experience with traps is strictly limited to reading that section of the 3.5 DMG, so I've been in need of a good set of models. Thanks!

Sham aka Dave said...

You're welcome, Oddysey! The theme with Dismal Depths is an economy of words. Let these tables generate ideas and feel free to use them, change them or add to them as you like.

May your dungeon be filled with Hamsters!

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

Just FYI, whenever I click on the link on the right there to get to your files, I don't see any listed. I have to go to these individual posts to get to them. I'm not sure if there's something up with your profile or not - it's been this way for a couple weeks now?

Sham aka Dave said...

That's strange. You're talking about the "My PDFs at Orbitfiles" one I assume? I just used my Wife's laptop and the page shows all of the PDFs.

The address is www.orbitfiles.com/users/sham66

That should lead to the published, shared PDFs I have there.

Let me know if it works now. I know Orbitfiles is quirky at times.