Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday

Every Wednesday, I’ll roll on the table below, and then on the indicated Whimsey Table, and share the exact wording found in my very crude often ridiculous 25 year old handwritten notes from the early 80’s.

Random Whimsey Determination Table (2d6)

2-4 Basic Whimsey Chart (d00)
5-7 New Whimsey Chart (d00)
8-10 Nyark Ripplesnap’s Whimsey Channel (d00)
11 Gorfaxio Gondoro’s Whimsey Table #1 (d20)
12 Gorfaxio Gondoro’s Whimsey Table #2 (d20)

Today’s Roll: 4, 71.

"1000 white rabbits stream out of target's hat, pockets or backpack."

Have a Whimsical Wednesday.

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


nomilieu said...

Here's a somewhat whimsical just-for-fun item by the Goblinoid Games community in case you haven't seen it.


Sham aka Dave said...

Random: Thanks for the link. I skimmed the file and will read it in full when I have the time. It looks to be an awesome group project.

My little tables are much, much smaller. Even with 100 effects on two of them, they are written on a few pages, most effects being a single line. The Bag of Beads is very well done and much more interesting!

But hey, I was 15 or 16 when I made most of mine back in the day.

For better or worse, this series will share the exact words I wrote all those years ago. Some of them are just plain goofy.

nomilieu said...

Well, that was partially the point of the Bag of Beads, so that we could all feel like goofy 15-16 year olds again!

Sham aka Dave said...

so that we could all feel like goofy 15-16 year olds again!

I applaud your efforts! I think many of us were wise beyond our years then, playing the game just for the fun of it without as many concerns of realism or logic. Just think of crazy stuff and put it in the game.

Norman J. Harman Jr. said...

Excellent series. I'll be looking forward to next one once I chase down all these rabbits.