Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When all our dreams come true

Not quite a Friday Flashback, but here's a Christmas Eve video for you. Flashback to 1988, The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl, performing their now classic Fairytale of New York on St. Patrick's Day, 1988. I'll reserve comments on The Pogues, Shane MacGowan, and Kirsty MacColl (RIP) for another post next year.

Here is the near perfection embodied by the studio version, complete with fairly accurate lyrics.


I hope everyone and thier families has a safe and joyous Christmas, and it can't be nearly as bad as this song's alcoholic in the drunk tank, his drug addicted girl, and thier dreams lost upon immigrating to New York.

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


Max said...

Here's the yuletide vid I've been rockin' this week:

The Greedies, "A Merry Jingle"

Thin Lizzy + ex-Pistols equals a jolly Max!

Sham aka Dave said...

Max - thanks for the link. I had never heard of The Greedies before! Thin Lizzy with Cook and Jones, wow! I added that vid to my gigantic youtube music collection. Jolly indeed!

Merry Christmas

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