Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Arcona Makes Good

On the so called Blogo-Bet. While the idea didn't gather the momentum I had hoped it might, a bet is a bet and today Arcona posted his ideas on the D&D theme which I provided. Arcona has a nice blog, and I was happy to dilute his usual high quality subject matter with my somewhat silly theme. To recap those who may have missed it all, here's a link to the Die Poll Results, and here's the info I provided:

Here’s the theme for our Gentleman’s Bet on that so called Cross-Blog Poll thingie:

The theme is a simple one that I’ve been giving some though to of late; a 10’x10’ room with an Orc guarding a chest. How would you incorporate such a description into a ‘real’ room in your own campaign? In other words, that is what’s seen at first blush, but what is actually awaiting the players?

No time limit to your post, and most importantly, use your creativity and have fun!

As he mentioned, never back a d4. I particularly liked the direction he took with the second idea called The Abandoned Orcish Stronghold.

Hats Off, Matthew! Excellent response to our little Blogo Bet!

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


Anonymous said...


Glad you thought it was acceptable. I felt a bit under the cosh creatively these past few days, so I was worried it wouldn't be jazzy enough. As for the Blogo-Bet thing, maybe it didn't generate comments, but my hits went up quite a bit, so there's got to be some silent stalker types that found it interesting.

That, or the people that read both of our blogs will just read both of our blogs without us schilling for the other one.

- Matthew

Sham aka Dave said...

It's funny, I never track hits. I suppose I should just out of curiousity. My idea behind the Blogo-Bet was to mesh creativity amongst the excellent Blognards we have out there, who for the most part do their own thing. This is perfectly fine, but I think so many of us have a lot in common. A sense of community has developed without me trying to force the issue via cross-blog notions, but no one can fault me for trying.

As always, I will continue to enjoy reading your excellent blog.

~Sham aka Dave