Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ODD Bits 5

Just when you thought it would never raise it's hideous head once more...ODD Bits is back!

ODD Bits is a web log series of trivia questions culled from the pages of Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of original Dungeons & Dragons. If you care to play along, answer each ODD Bit question to the best of your knowledge without referring to the source material. Answers are provided in the comments section, so don't peek there until you've tried to answer all five questions.

Grade yourself based on the number of questions you answered correctly*:

5: Unbelievable, 4: Outstanding, 3: Well Done, 2: Not Bad, 1: Not Good,
0: Embarrassing

* - Sham is the referee here, so any rules interpretations taken are final, even if viewed through his warped lens.

ODD Bits 5

1. Which of the following monsters is always aligned with Chaos? A. Ogre, B. Minotaur, C. Gorgon.

2. There are but two entries on the “Character Alignment, Including Various Monsters and Creatures” table which may be of any of the three stances, name them.

3. Monsters in the Underworld are assumed to have infravision unless they are doing what?

4. True or False: A Knock spell breaks a Wizard Lock spell.

5. There are nine categories of Men in the Monster Descriptions section. Name the sole entry aligned with Law.

Good Luck!



Sham aka Dave said...

1. C. Gorgon
2. Men, Lycanthropes
3. Serving a character
4. False – it can be opened by a Knock without breaking the spell
5. Dervishes

Chris Kutalik said...

I am off my game, only got the last two.

migellito said...

doh! Only 3 and 4 for me. Thanks, I love trivia.

Will Douglas said...

3 and a half!

I got Men from question 2, but missed Lycanthropes. Then I got 3, 4, and 5.

(I guessed B for 1, should have studied that table more!)

Thanks for this, I, too, love trivia.

Taketoshi said...

1, 3 and 4 here. Thankfully #3 showed up on another blog a month or two ago and I remembered it for some reason!

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