Thursday, August 5, 2010

ODD Bits 2

ODD Bits is a web log series of trivia questions culled from the pages of Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of original Dungeons & Dragons. If you care to play along, answer each ODD Bit question to the best of your knowledge without referring to the source material. Answers are provided in the comments section, so don't peek there until you've tried to answer all five questions.

Grade yourself based on the number of questions you answered correctly*:

5: Unbelievable, 4: Outstanding, 3: Well Done, 2: Not Bad, 1: Not Good,
0: Embarrassing

* - Sham is the referee here, so any rules interpretations taken are final, even if viewed through his warped lens.

ODD Bits 2

1. True or False: A Ring of Regeneration can bring it's wearer back from the dead.

2. A player would roll what dice when using the Clerics versus Undead Monsters table?

3. A Ring of Spell Turning will at least partially turn all single target spells with what lone exception?

4. True or False: Creatures and monsters able to speak have a 50% chance to know the “common tongue”.

5. Fill in this blank from the Recommended Equipment section:
“1 _________ Referee”? A. Imaginative, B. Patient, C. Willing.

Good Luck!



Sham aka Dave said...

1. True.
2. 2d6.
3. Finger of Death.
4. False. They have a 20% chance.
5. B. Patient.

Jeff Rients said...


Will Douglas said...

Wow, 4 out of 5 this time!

Missed the Ring of Regeneration. I'm more familiar with the 3.5 version these days.

Kevin Mac said...

I got exactly one right - 2d6 for #2. And I only got that because I have been looking at the rules lately. Sheesh.

Randall said...

5 out of 5. The only hard question was the chance of knowing common tongue -- because I never roll that. So I guessed false because 50% sounded too high. Had the question been "what was the chance", I would have missed it.

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