Saturday, August 21, 2010

ODD Bits 4

ODD Bits is a web log series of trivia questions culled from the pages of Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of original Dungeons & Dragons. If you care to play along, answer each ODD Bit question to the best of your knowledge without referring to the source material. Answers are provided in the comments section, so don't peek there until you've tried to answer all five questions.

Grade yourself based on the number of questions you answered correctly*:

5: Unbelievable, 4: Outstanding, 3: Well Done, 2: Not Bad, 1: Not Good,
0: Embarrassing

* - Sham is the referee here, so any rules interpretations taken are final, even if viewed through his warped lens.

ODD Bits 4

1. How many days of complete rest are required for a character to heal six points of damage?

2. Name the four monsters capable of turning a victim to stone.

3. Lords who build a castle are called what?

4. At what level can Magic-Users begin to manufacture magic items? A: 9, B: 10, C: 11.

5. True or False: One fifth of all magic items found, when using the Magic Items d00 roll, are magic swords.

Good Luck!



Sham aka Dave said...

1. 12 days.
2. Cockatrices, Gorgons, Medusae, Basilisks.
3. Barons.
4. C: 11.
5. True.

Daniel "Theophage" Clark said...

I guess I get a "Well Done". I missed questions 1 and 3. (Admittedly, I simply guessed at the answer to 5, but I got it right).

Will Douglas said...

Outstanding, for once!

I choked on #1 (I said 11; I forgot that the first day didn't give any healing). And I, too, guessed at #5.

But after thinking a while, I finally remembered the Gorgon! (The other three were pretty easy.)

I'm enjoying these little quizzes! Reminds me of stuff The Dragon would run once in a while.

Matt Finch said...

I got an outstanding. Totally. Forgot. Gorgons.

One nice one for a future quiz (I haven't checked the old ones yet) - IIRC, there's a point beyond which you're fully healed up, even if your hit points wouldn't normally have caught up yet. That's obscure.. :)

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