Thursday, July 30, 2009


Look, I'm one of a very tiny niche of a niche of a niche that loves both 0e D&D and Punk. Yes I went to some lengths last year to explain the ethos shared by both. So suddenly Punk is another bad word to level at 0e fans, just as fatbeard is another to utilize similarly. What have I wrought?

Unplugging from the sphere for a while to focus on the reason I'm actually here: D&D.

With the occasional "How ya like me now" video. In parting,



Timeshadows said...

Hang in there David. :)

Michael Curtis said...

OK, now I'm intrigued against my will. Can somebody point me towards where today's hootin' and hollerin' originated?

I've been down in the dungeon all week and seemed to have missed the latest, although the everyone seems to be talking about it.

JimLotFP said...

Metal is punk... or at least collides with it early enough on that the essentials of each form are the same.

People use use "punk" as an insult are anti-human.

Sham aka Dave said...

Had I the resolve of Scott Driver I'd have unplugged earlier. I like Sham's Lair too much, though.

I really need to return to the days of visiting but a few web logs and spending more time on writing. I often stare in wonder at how the sphere has exploded. Back in the day it seemed like it was Jeff Rients, Master Raggi, Delta and me. Then Sir James showed up and went nuclear on us.

I only compare myself to those blokes in so far as the history of the sphere. I have neither the commitment nor the insight of those fellows. As an aside, Rob Fisher had already travelled this path long before me (I just didn't know it back then).

As to where I'm coming from? I just want to do the D&D thing.

Jim: Yes, yes indeed. I consider Sabbath to be as Punk as say Iggy Pop or MC5. They defined and fostered a genre that railed against the accepted norm. As you know I'm a Metal fan as well.

Hell, most artistic movements, music included, began with someone taking the DIY ethos and spawning imitators.

The Ramones did not invent that ethos. Punk did however embrace that ethos and said essentially don't mimic the sound, but follow the ideal.

Time, my dear: let's get together and do some tactical carbine training. My AR 15 is sighted and ready and I have a shelf full of .223 ready for stress relief! ;-)

JimLotFP said...

Live, or die trying.

Chad Thorson said...

I'd wear the mantle of punk proudly!

Dungeons & Hooligans!

Chris said...

Punk still has meaningful negative connotations to anyone younger than their 40s? Funny old world.

Sham, I would prefer to have you around ignoring the drama and ploughing your own furrow rather than see you go "FGSFDS!" and delete f'ing everything.

Your Grog'n'Blog was one of the breaths of fresh air that made me realise just how much fun classic D&D really is. Also your laid-back attitude and taste in music rock.

Cheers mate. ;)

Mike D. said...
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Mike D. said...

--sorry I had to delete my prior comment because I can't spell. :)

I am reminded of the immortal lyrics of Black Flag (pre-Rollins):

"Gimme Gimme Gimme, I need some more!"

Don't leave us, I need more Dismal Depths! :)

From another lover of punk (well, Hardcore too).

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

I love the punk! And the metal!

My perfect D&D game group from celebs/musicians would be with Rollins, Vin Diesel, Slayer, Lemmy, Sid and Siouxsie. Weird, I know.

If you go away, I will hunt you do. >:)

Anonymous said...

Sham, writing as a new-school player & DM and old-school fan, please don't go anywhere. Tune that shit out. Blog spats/internet fights are a fact of life on the web, and always have been. Much sound and fury, signifying nothing. Please don't let it interfere with your excellent creative endeavors, or in your sharing them with us.

Sham aka Dave said...

No worries 'tall. I was venting a bit and should've just tuned out as I normally do. Anyone who knows me realizes that I'm not a grudge holder, and normally I accept people on their own merits and not upon their alignment in the grand OSR cosmic balance.

JDJarvis said...

Count me in the tiny niche of a niche too.