Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Miscellaneum of Cinder

Jeff Rients just announced that his collection of campaign homebrew dice charts is available at Lulu, titled The Miscellaneum of Cinder.

In his words:

"A 36-page booklet of vaguely useful dice charts for games involving mythic underworlds and legendary fire-breathing lizards. Words by me, interior illos by my buddy Pat."

You might also be able to nab an Extra Special Edition if you email Jeff and offer something cool of your own for trade.

Check out this post for more details.

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


Jeff Rients said...

Thanks for spreading the word!

Sham aka Dave said...

No problem. I think that one of my three dedicated followers might not be included in your army of hundreds. I suppose I could email him, or tell him in person when he gets home from school. :-)