Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fight On! Keeps Fighting On!

Calithena announced that issue #5 of Fight On! is now available!

You can read the announcement here, and see the Table of Contents over here.

I've got a growing list of Lulu items I've been waiting to order until FO!5 was available, so the wait is over now.

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


The Badger King said...

I love my first four FIGHT ON!s, and can't wait to get my mitts on #5... but as long as Lulu is going to ding me $63 shipping to Canada, I think I'll have to pass, or wait a long, LONG time.

Sham aka Dave said...

$63.00?! That is outrageous. Surely that cannot be for just one issue of FO!?

I'd have to settle for PDFs or hope a friend in the States could reship it for a fraction of that cost. Sorry to hear that. I keep hearing bad things about Lulu lately, and this after I heap them with praise for their quick printing and professional packing. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod, Sham! The link is here:

- Calithena

Sham aka Dave said...

Calithena: Yep, was the first thing I added yesterday. Maybe my blogger design isn't the best for showing links (they look more light grey than anything else in this scheme if your browser has hit them already).

Anyway, no problem! Glad I can be a part of your awesome fanzine.

The Badger King said...

I bought FO! 1-4, Knockspell 1 and the Art of Old-School Gaming book. $63 US shipping. 6 magazines cost me almost $150. Even if I had bought ONE issue, the shipping was still in the $60 range - in fact, I think that for 1 issue, it was something incredibly stupid like $70, and it went dow a little as I added more issues. But that's just ludicris.

(goes to Lulu to see what it would cost for FO!5....)

Standard shipping (2-3 business days)... $95. For ONE MAGAZINE. If I take ground, which means 3-7 business days after it's printed, which means 6-13 business days, which means 2-3 weeks.... $30. FOR ONE MAGAZINE. And they don't guarantee those times. Economy is only $10 US, but that's 11-15 business, and maybe as much as 30, so basically, if I order it economy, it's still $21 US (so, about $25 Cdn.), and anywhere from 3 weeks to a month and a half before I get it. I think I'll wait a little, and try to get FO!5, KNOCKSPELL 2 and maybe some other ephemera (taichara, I'm looking at you! 8), so that the huge shipping bite isn't so huge.

PS. For me to send a magazine standard mail to the US, it would cost me... oh, about $7 shipping. $7 from here... $90 to here. Go figure.

Sham aka Dave said...

Standard shipping (2-3 business days)... $95.

Day-umm. There's just no justification for this, at all. It's downright shameful.

It's as if they don't even want International sales. /boggle/