Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fight On Forever!

The modest little old school fanzine Fight On!, only four issues old now, has claimed the top spot in the Lulu Author Sales Contest! Congratulations to Calithena and Iggy Umlaut, as well as to all of the artists and authors who have been a part of making Fight On! so great.

Follow the above link for the official standings. On a side note, Swords & Wizardry Core Rules made what appears to be First Honorable Mention. I'm assuming that means Matt Finch's retro-clone just missed out on that third spot. Quite a showing!

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


Spike Page said...

Yep, this is a real biggie for both Fight On! and S&W. I understand Matt's got some new stuff waiting to come into availableness in this next month for the contest.

Sham aka Dave said...

Cool! I haven't checked the Mythmere forums lately, but I would guess KS #2 is coming out soon. I submitted an article which I'm hoping will make it into issue 2.