Monday, August 3, 2009

On Deck at THM

Amityville Mike has officially announced that his long awaited Stonehell megadungeon has reached draft status. Chgowiz and I have had the copy in hand for a couple of days now, and we've both been reading it over. I cannot provide any spoilers, but what I have had the pleasure to read thus far has certainly exceeded my expectations. Like many of the entries in the One Page Dungeon Contest, Mike's Stonehell pushes the boundaries set forth and becomes its own unique vision of the minimalistic approach adopted by the author.

Stonehell was perhaps the unifying force of Three-Headed Monster Games when the idea for a gaming coop was taking shape behind the scenes at the web logs maintained by the two Mikes and myself. It was clear very early on that Mr. Curtis is blessed with remarkable devotion and creativity, and that good things lay ahead for Stonehell.

I'll withhold further praise for the megadungeon until the three heads have ushered the project along through the creative pipeline. Like many others who have followed the development of Stonehell, I have very high hopes for the finished product; which is to say that we'll be holding this publication to some lofty standards. I am convinced that the collaborative spirit of THM Games will see to it that no one is disappointed.

~Sham, Quixotic Referee


Atom Kid said...

I can't wait to see it! Is this going to be a download, or an in print product?

Amityville Mike said...

Thanks for the plug and the kind words, Sham. As I've mentioned, I've been staring at this thing for so long that I've lost some of the ability to look at the dungeon objectively. Chgowiz's and your feedback leads me to believe I'm on the right track at least with the dungeon.

@Atom Kid: It will be available as both. I'm a great believer in the tactile experience of having a book in your hand.

Due to the size of the book, which will easily be over 100 pp., I don't have the capital to fund an initial print run out of pocket, which means I'm forced to go POD for the physical book. This doesn't necessarily mean Lulu, however. I'm currently exploring options for POD and have yet to come to any final determination. But there will be a method of buy a true book.

Atom Kid said...

No Lulu?!

That's what I'm talking about!

Sham aka Dave said...

SH might not be Lulu, but there will likely be another pair of L's associated with it. :-)

Sorry, couldn't resist.