Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ODD Bits 6

ODD Bits is a web log series of trivia questions culled from the pages of Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of original Dungeons & Dragons. If you care to play along, answer each ODD Bit question to the best of your knowledge without referring to the source material. Answers are provided in the comments section, so don't peek there until you've tried to answer all five questions.

Grade yourself based on the number of questions you answered correctly*:

5: Unbelievable, 4: Outstanding, 3: Well Done, 2: Not Bad, 1: Not Good,
0: Embarrassing

* - Sham is the referee here, so any rules interpretations taken are final, even if viewed through his warped lens.

ODD Bits 6

1. When surprised, a character has a __________ chance to drop a hand-held item. A. 1 in 6, B. 2 in 6, C. 1 in 4.

2. Characters must spend 1% of their experience points in gold for support and upkeep until they do what, short of dying?

3. True or False: Of all weapons, only swords, war hammers and axes can be found with a magic bonus of +3.

4. True or False: In Volume I, players are guided to decide what role they will play, “human or otherwise, fighter, cleric or magic-user.”

5. Wights, Wraiths, Spectres and Vampires all drain life levels with a hit in melee. Name a fifth monster capable of draining life levels.

Good Luck!



Sham aka Dave said...

1. C. 25% or 1 in 4.
2. Build a stronghold.
3. False. Not axes but spears.
4. True. Usage of the words human and fighter might suggest otherwise.
5. Giant Leeches (Vol. III, p. 35)

Will Douglas said...

I got 2, although based on the wording, I should get three:

1 - I put B (wrong)
2 - Build a stronghold (but it must be in the wilderness, else upkeep payments continue)
3 - I put true
4 - True
5 - This is the wording one: Based on the wording, my answer of "um, no?" is actually correct...


Sham aka Dave said...

Haha good catch Will. I'll leave #2 as is, I think most understand what is meant. I will however change the wording on #5. That last one is tough.

Will Douglas said...

Yeah, that last one is tough. I just today found that one while I was looking up something else.

Pretty sneaky!

Sham aka Dave said...

Indeed! Those are some nasty suckers.

JJ said...

4 outta 5.
Missed the Giant Leeches question.
Only knew the Dropped Torches Rule (as I call it) b/c I use it all the time to great effect.

I think Holmes has a different rule as far as surprise goes, can't be arsed to dig my book out of the car though.