Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ODD Bits 3

ODD Bits is a web log series of trivia questions culled from the pages of Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of original Dungeons & Dragons. If you care to play along, answer each ODD Bit question to the best of your knowledge without referring to the source material. Answers are provided in the comments section, so don't peek there until you've tried to answer all five questions.

Grade yourself based on the number of questions you answered correctly*:

5: Unbelievable, 4: Outstanding, 3: Well Done, 2: Not Bad, 1: Not Good,
0: Embarrassing

* - Sham is the referee here, so any rules interpretations taken are final, even if viewed through his warped lens.

ODD Bits 3

1. One miscellaneous magic weapon is found with a bonus of +2, but not +1 or +3. Name it.

2. Under the Angry Villager Rule, the insertion of some character like __________ is suggested to bring matters in line.

3. True or False: The War Hammer +3, when thrown by a Dwarf, deals 2d6+3 damage.

4. Dwarves add __________ levels when rolling saving throws against magic.

5. Name the three monsters specifically capable of a poison attack.

Good Luck!



Sham aka Dave said...

1. Mace.
2. Conan.
3. False. It deals 2d6.
4. Four.
5. Green Dragons, Wyverns, Purple Worms.

Will Douglas said...

I'm getting worse! I only got two this time.

I got Wyvern, and thought about putting Purple Worm, but I completely forgot about the Green Dragon.

You totally got me on the Dwarven Hammer, though. I thought I had that one cold, until I actually looked it up.

Sham aka Dave said...

This group was a bit tougher than last week. I am still trying to figure out how to balance the five questions.

In the end I hope readers will learn a thing or two about OD&D and its unique characteristics.

Matt Finch said...

Ouch! Only a "not bad" on this one. I fanned on the mace, the war hammer, and the poison monsters. I remembered Conan, and the dwarf one is easy.

George said...

For #5, why isn't a Medusa listed, since it says the snakes have deadly poison? I realize that Sham has final say! :)

Anonymous said...

Because the snakes are not a medusa, they're a separate symbiotic monster.

Right? :P

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